na foine ting

Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Welcome to the land of no sleep.

In a moment of hilarious lack of clear thought (and this was even before the wee hours feedings), I planned to take this time to finish a writing project.

Oh, yeah, I'm lucid and creative as hell right now. You bet.


Lili's blog is here:

I am functional enough to take, upload and make dumb cute parent comments on pictures. Right about my speed, actually.


Gavin's little buddy Ian was over yesterday, to help him with a sudden household infestation of...

wait for it


No, I kid you not. Ian announced we were overrun with wereturkeys. His word.

Apparently I am also just lucid enough to participate in this kind of play. Also, right about my current speed.

I go to the closed bedroom door. I knock. "Turkeygram."

Door opens. Small giggling faces peer out.

"GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!" I shriek. The door slams shut.

Repeat ad infinitum.

When they get wise eventually they stop opening the door. "No turkeygram thank you," they chorus.

"Oh. OK." Knock knock. "Pizza delivery."

The door opens.


... and so on.

Thus, are my days.


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