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Monday, February 07, 2005
No news is good news?

At this point, probably not. Burnside made a good point last week that if the salary cap is really the Last Immovable Sticking Point then why, after the NHL submitted a proposal--with a salary cap--that is likely to be the last proposal of this season, did the NHLPA continue to come to the table?

Probably not the coffee and treats they serve up at the O'Hare airport conference center. Or wherever.

As of friday, there's radio silence from both the NHL and the union. The switch on the season could be flicked anytime. There are no plans for future discussions.

On the other hand, communication could have shut down a number of times throughout this process, and it hasn't. Although no one's willing to give in, no one seems quite willing to give up, either.

Willingness to talk probably isn't going to save hockey in 2004-5. But it's encouraging, anyway. It gives you hope for the process and the people involved, and something like hope for professional hockey in future seasons.


Saturday, February 05, 2005
I'm not far enough into the manuscript.

I'm reasonably sure the Vicodin and Valium are messing with my head. I know, I know. How can anyone tell, with me? It's like being in a black hole and trying to figure out if it just got a little darker and quieter.

I attempted to play hockey last week, probably too soon, and stepped out in front of that little obnoxious freight train of a Russian. I'm pretty sure he brought his stick up. My neck snapped back once on impact, and forward again when I hit the ice.

Banner moment: lying there crying.

I haven't actually cried yet in a game or practice context; suppose it had to happen eventually. It wasn't the pain, although there was a lot of that.

Mostly it was just this overwhelming feeling of sheer holplessness.

Which either means I need to taper off the pain meds, wait longer and heal more before I play, get more sleep, or all three.


I need to get this stupid memoir written. Mostly at this point it's not about getting it written so I can get it published and do that career thing and quit my job and ya ya ya.

Mostly now it's get that FUCKER FINISHED so I can


Yeah, there.


I'm debating between keeping my current job and taking a job clear over in San Ramon working for a major arson investigation firm. There is an off chance if I took this posiiton, which is administrative and pays what my current job pays (dick), that I could work my way into an arson investigator type job eventually.

It is a very, very long shot, though. And all that commute for the same bucks, I'm not sure.

Maybe I'm getting conservative in my old age.

Or maybe I'm just not impressed with the San Ramon ice rink.


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