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Monday, February 07, 2005
No news is good news?

At this point, probably not. Burnside made a good point last week that if the salary cap is really the Last Immovable Sticking Point then why, after the NHL submitted a proposal--with a salary cap--that is likely to be the last proposal of this season, did the NHLPA continue to come to the table?

Probably not the coffee and treats they serve up at the O'Hare airport conference center. Or wherever.

As of friday, there's radio silence from both the NHL and the union. The switch on the season could be flicked anytime. There are no plans for future discussions.

On the other hand, communication could have shut down a number of times throughout this process, and it hasn't. Although no one's willing to give in, no one seems quite willing to give up, either.

Willingness to talk probably isn't going to save hockey in 2004-5. But it's encouraging, anyway. It gives you hope for the process and the people involved, and something like hope for professional hockey in future seasons.


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