na foine ting

Tuesday, March 30, 2004
The Hounds/Monkeys scrimmage last night was good.

Better than I'd ever expected, for reasons I didn't anticipate.

People dug down, dug in, worked their asses off.

I was proud to be there. Happy to play, even D.


Yeah, like that.

He's still in London, wondering if he should make a motorcycle trip to Cornwall in his spare time.

I'd make a motorcycle trip to Cornwall, if I were in England in spring with some time on my hands.


It's almost rote, now.

How you feel when you find out someone too close to you is positive.

The patter starts in your brain about all the advances and average life expectancy and a sick part of you rationalizes that you've expected this, and are used to it. It's happened a lot.

It's almost rote.

It doesn't make it any easier, really.

It doesn't.

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