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Thursday, March 11, 2004
It's fairly ironic (and probably appropriate in a cosmic kind of karmic way) that Steve was one of the reasons the blog came down, and is now also the primary reason it's gone back up again.

Make up your fucking mind, Perry. You want the soft white underbelly (thanks Beej for the great terminology), or not?

All right, then.

Let's see.

I have a massive head cold and still can't get enough hockey.

I'm heartsick over Marco's injury, and extremely dubious about the Sharks' playoff chances now. It's more about team balance and cohesion, and the fact that I would almost bet money that with Marco gone, Marleau's performance is going to slip.

But, who knows. They're a strong team right now, and maybe they'll rally.


The Ice Hounds are coming right along, developing nicely into a team that will be fun to play with next season. Now if Brian V will only learn to dump me hard for riding him like a rented mule around the boards, we'll be in good shape.


High Thin Wire is officially up and launched, and already we've gotten some great feedback from folks who are following it, including a couple of SF luminaries like Jack Skillingstead (thanks, Jack!).

Mats has been fantastic to work with, and it's great to have a project that's totally under our control, with only the pressure we're putting on ourselves. Good stuff. Check it out.


Mary Anne just performed a spoken word piece called "Under the Skin." at the South Asian Progressive Action Collective's, "Voices of Resistance" event in Chicago.

There's a text version of the piece here: Under the Skin.

Besides the fact that she gave me totally undeserved credit for my "you fix it, you're the writer" critique, it's a great piece and you should listen to or read it. I think it's especially powerful heard aloud.


I'm working up to writing about Spalding Gray, but I'm not there yet.


How are you?

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