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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
This morning Bec and I discussed revising.

Along these lines:

"You should be revising 'Crawl' instead of [random disparaging comment about my large-scale procrastination scheme, High Thin Wire]."

I make a face. "I hate 'Crawl.' It sucks. I have no intention of revising it, it's beyond redemption and I never liked it to begin with and it has no actual story and the main character's uninteresting and I don't give a shit about her and it's ugly and its mother wears combat boots and--"

"And it's a good story and you should revise it." Like she knows what she's talking about. Well, actually, she does but that's beside the point.

"I don't revise." I try to muster some level of 'I am an artist' snootiness about it. She's silent, indifferently stirring her coffee, so I continue: "I'm like Mozart. I don't revise. I do it once, I don't go back and fix it."

She fixes me with a look. That look.

"Then be like Mozart and get it right the first time," she says.


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