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Monday, April 26, 2004
Two games last night, with a sushi dinner and my truck breaking down in between them.

The sushi was great.

My truck eventually made it to the shop. Prognosis: dead starter and solenoid, to the tune of a mere $218, thank you Ford and the guys at the Fair Oaks Union 76 station. Yay for cheap, honest mechanics.

Ice Hounds lost 5-1, which is a record in terms of low goals against, and in that we also actually scored. Bec played a spectacular game, including a truly fantastic sliding kick save which belongs in some video game somewhere, along with a sparkly light trailer thing behind her and little "eeeeeeyaaahahhhhh!" cutie girl sound effect.

Pirates also lost, but it was a close 6-4, and the game was in all ways different than last season. A nice, for the most part tight-knit bench, a lot of kudos and support (without being annyoingly smarmy), and being on a line with James and Reed was kind of like pickup all over again... do what they do, fill in the gaps, don't get in the way of their scoring, don't trip on my dick.

I mean, you know. So to speak.

It was nice to find out that I have it in me to play two games all-out without much rest in between. I thought I'd be fried for the Pirates game, but didn't give them any less (even with James and Reed's marathon 3 minute plus shifts--thank GOD for short ice!!).

Glad to find that I can finish one game feeling low and ambiguous and dig up fire for the next game, turn it around, give what I didn't think I had.

Which brings me to my next problem. If I can play 2 games in a day without too much trouble, what I've been suspecting is in fact true:

There just is not enough hockey in the world.

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