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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
Ice Hounds grudge match against Re-Habs last night.

Now I understand why they say "schooled." I learned a lot.

I learned that when someone says "wanna go?" there's a strong chance they're hotting you up and have no intentions whatsoever of fighting you. This ends in your flinging your stick to the ice with every intention of gloves following and a good smash-up on the horizon and responding "yeah, yeah, wanna GO? Wanna GO??" only to have her (yes, her) say in the most derisive tone possible: "No. Stupid," and skate away.

And the "stupid" is deserved, because then you realize the rest of your line is over back at your net, several thousand miles away, and you're parked in front of the opposing goalie and are now very, very, very, very offsides.

I learned that I can put my entire and considerable mass into high gear, get momentum and fling myself bodily at someone and nothing happens. I mean, nothing. Like a mosquito hitting a brick wall at about 200 miles per hour. See also: ow.

I learned that on some teams ringers can, and will run up the score.

(Note to self: learn to hit harder.)

I learned that good goalies will not play down, and even a beginner can still score on a good goalie if he's got enough heart and dogged try in him (nice job, Erik).

I learned that I can be part of a 1-10 loss and still come out feeling like it was a good game.

And yeah, Brian, it's a very good hurt, to answer your question.


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