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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
So the most important news is that Ethan Hunter Sparks was born over the weekend! Huge congratulations to Brian and Margo, and kisses on Ethan's baby nose.

Of lesser note, but of possible interest to those of you who have been trying to get ahold of me: I'm sick. I've been sick for days. Fever, fever, fever, fatigue, fever, and so far the Kaiser folks are intrigued by the lack of any other symptoms but have no idea what I have. Because of the fever, I'm stuck at home. Because of the fatigue, I'm mostly on the couch. Draggy and apathetic, which means I can't really even make use of the down time to get writing done.

So I'm around, but don't have access to work mail and am not on the home computer much.

That's about all.

Well, not exactly all. I read everyone's blogs and sort of poked around on the web in general, and find myself feeling hugely disconnected and like I'm stuck here in the dark while the world spins on merrily without me.

I truly, honestly, and emphatically *don't* like being home sick.

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