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Tuesday, August 10, 2004
So in hockey news, I quit the Hounds last night.

The team is a good team, family also in the dysfunctional sense, and I've had a great time playing with them.

But there's certain things I won't tolerate.

When the team formed up, Bec and I were both asked to join. Bec was still a beginner goalie but the Hounds captains made it clear that she was the one they wanted, and we joked at the time that I was part of a package deal.

Which isn't exactly a joke. We are, in the greater scheme of things, married. We are, in the greater scheme of things, a package deal.

This means that when a captain announces to everyone in the locker room that we have a new starting goalie and a new sub goalie, and the team's original starting goalie can come back from having our baby "and be a sub or something" I lose my temper.

To put it in perspective: imagine Nabby gets hurt. He comes back from recuperating and the club tells him "well, while you've been gone we've changed some things. We have a backup goalie and Vesa is starting now, and so we'll get you a game or two when we can but no guarantees, OK?"

You see how that's not OK, don't you?

It isn't just this incident. It's hearing in the parking lot later that this same guy has been talking around the team about how bad it is for my son not to have a father, and how he disagrees with that.

Funny how that might translate to punishing the pregnant lesbian, when you consider it.

It's the same guy who on the bench said to me sotto voce: "do you have much of a relationship with X?" Who happens to be another woman.

"Not really--I mean, I like her, but we don't really talk," I said.

"Well," he continued. "I'm just wondering if someone could talk to her a little about picking up some speed when she's skating, putting a little more effort into it."

This, on the bench. During a game.

From a captain.

You see how it is.

So I'll be looking for a new team to finish out the season with. I've been asked to play with the Ice Hawks, which is a two-division jump up and will present a nice challenge. But I like EEE too, and enjoy playing in and around the group of folks I originally learned the game with.

So if you're reading this, and you have a spot, by all means let me know.


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