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Thursday, January 20, 2005
Note to self: go to the doctor early, and often.

So the doc who checked me out used to be a surgeon up in Redwood city, and routinely stiched up guys who practiced and scrimmaged with the Sharks before they moved down to use Logitech as their practice facility.

She said it was a hell of a whiplash, and told me it was too bad I hadn't come in earlier.

She also wanted to know if he got a penalty. I told her he had.

No recriminations about playing hockey. No comments about coed hockey. No offer of a collar, just a terse "we'll throw everything I have at this and get you back out on the ice as soon as possible."

Which was, of course, exactly what I wanted to hear.

So I got a shot right there and then a whole bunch of really happy pills like Vicodin, Valium, Relafen... I'm drugged out of my mind now, and feeling much, much better.

And the wee leprechauns singing the Zamboni song around my desk are so *very* entertaining...

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