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Thursday, May 12, 2005
Gavin, I'm proud to announce, made his first animated .gif today in Photoshop/ImageReady.

Pretty rockin', eh?


Ah. And, also Gavin:

"Babies are little tiny short people that can't walk."

Silence. Then he continues. "Leprechauns are little tiny short people that can walk."


Shameless plug for software you Mac people have to own:


I kind of wonder how I managed projects without it. Remember that great old Windows freeware dinky called "Cardfile?"

This is "Cardfile" the Rolls Royce edition. Hands down the most useful piece of software I own, possibly including my operating system. I've used it to keep my current RPG organized: everything from graphics to links to prewritten text to research. Unbelievable.

And get this--keep in mind it's freeware, now--not only am I finding it virtually bugfree, but it updates itself about once every two weeks or so. Seriously, brand new improved versions beamed magically down from the mother ship.

As my uncle Bob used to say: "how DO it know??"

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