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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I just chose "revert to saved version" and lost about 1200 words.



aw shit honey.
you poor thing.

I'm starting to see the wisdom of paper drafts.

I'd lol but it seem inopportune at the moment.

which raises the question... is it wordcount if it's off in space somewhere, or does it have to actually be saved on my hard drive?

I can't belive you got 1200 words done already this morning!

well, I didn't.


It's one of those hand clapping in the forest things. Or one tree or whatever the fuck.

I appreciate your ability to laugh in the face of... well nothing I guess.

fucking hell. LOL

*L* Better get back to work you have a lot of word count to make up.

you suck.

I had something really funny all written up but Netscape crashed and, well, this was all I could remember. . . . . ;) at least you had a saved version to go back to.
Well, shit! :-p

Hey, can I call you this week? Big changes this end in the last week.
LOL Max. If I can recreate, so can you. I wrote 4K words yesterday, if you count the recycled ones.

Dafydd, of course... you have my cell phone. I ignore it while I'm writing, but leave a message and I'll call back.
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