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Friday, July 01, 2005
The book's done. Except for revising and all that good stuff.

To everyone I've dropped out of contact with while I've been finishing, I'm sorry. I'm slowly returning to the land of not-book-writing, and will catch up in stages.

Other news: Gavin has learned to swim. Will get photographic evidence and post.

Lili is still cute.

In the next month I'll be primarily a stay at home mom, so if you wanted to come over and visit, now's a good time.
Lilly is not the only one that is cute. Unless you've been hit by a diesel locomotive lately, you're not so bad yourself. If you have. . .uh well. . .ouch. ..
(I think Max is flirting with you...) < /obviousman>

You're welcome to bring G and Lili over to the condo pool to swim. You don't have many chances left... :-)

It's July 28, your last post was July 1 ...

... stuff the kid, what about us.


I agree with tribeless. Where are you girl? Are you still recovering from the locomotive hit? Type with a pencil clenched between your teeth, dictate, something, anything!! Kate, come back!
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