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Monday, September 12, 2005
All right. I caved. I caved and admit it and now I'm glad I caved. Last week I had an unsuccessful wrestling match with IE over Blogger, and between that and Chris' recommendation, downloaded Firefox.

Now it's like... well, crap. Think of all the time, effort and annoyance I could have spared myself if I'd done that a fucking while ago.

Why anyone is using IE anymore is beyond me. Firefox is amazing, in the transparent way an application should be when it's being a useful, well designed tool.

Yeah, I know. Software as tools. Go fucking figure.


Today Becca and I discussed how many lemons we'd need to keep us in Lemon Drops until we leave, which looks like it will be around October 15th.

Moving is stressful. Fun, an adventure, but stressful. It requires a great deal of communication, good humor, and many, many mixed drinks.


I went to see Tori Amos in concert last night.

It's the first time I'd ever seen her live, and I was completely unprepared for how incredible it would be. I thought I'd sort of outgrown her, sort of looked back on my days of bawling to Tori Amos with a certain embarassment. Even though those days were really only a few months ago.

Well, and then there was bawling for the first 20 minutes of the concert last night.

She's amazing. It was an amazing concert.

I'm really glad I went.


Almost as good (is that heresy?) was her opening act, The Ditty Bops. Neil mentioned them being a favorite of Maddy's, and Maddy has exceptionally good taste.

I'm not sure who to really compare them to; they have their own sort of sound. Go and check out their website and download a song or two. Maddy's right: 'Sister Kate' is fabulous.

you didn't break an ankle at Tori's concert did you?
No... in fact Bec said if I broke anything to not bother coming home. :p Fortunately Tori isn't very mosh inspiring.
No moshpit, no chocolate.

That's how it is. (Is it alright to kiss you here? How about here?)

Kate. Was reading through old letters.

Willing to send me your upcoming address in Boston, land of Yankees and my agent?

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