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Thursday, October 13, 2005
As I've been driving I've noticed that truckers who
are being passed by another truck flash their lights
when the passing truck clears the front of their cab.
It's part prudence, I guess, since distances are hard
to judge from a side view mirror, and no one wants to
get slapped with the back end of a semi, even another
semi. But one assumes someone with a license to drive
a rig like that can probably manage to pass without
wiping the road with the other vehicle, so it makes it
courtesy, too. Like holding a door you could get for
yourself. A nice gesture.

I've noticed, too, that the passing truck, regardless
of whether or not it returns to the right lane,
flashes its back lights back, twice.

Tonight I experimented. A big rig passed me, and as
the second trailer cleared the front of my Escape, I
flicked my lights at him. There was a pause, then he
moved over in front of me and flashed his back lights.

I'd been feeling lonely, like there was far too much
Wyoming and Nebraska to be reasonably borne.

That made me feel oddly better.

Things like that: signs, and connections.


My dad was right about Reno. He said the casinos are cheaper to stay at than the motels. Sure enough, I got a $25 dollar room at the El Dorado.


My dad and Jeni stuck around for hours to help shift stuff, and wrapped up all our art in towels (Jeni was sort of quietly shocked and dismayed that we didn't have real bona fide packing materials, but she sucked it up bravely and did a nice job with the linens anyway).

It was a nice gesture, and indicative of how much things have changed, over the years.

My mom claimed my dad knew about the abuse all along.

The more I get to know him, sober now, mellower, the more I'm sure she lied.

Relieved to come to that conclusion.

My best friend kerry, who's regularly traveled cross-country in a bus over the last few years, also pointed out the trucker-light-flashing thing in her blog.

that entry's short, but you might enjoy the other stuff she writes.

this one, for example.
lol...Margo and I have witnessed this, too. Although we weren't brave to do what you fact, Margo did something to piss off a trucker and then that trucker radiod all of his buddies on the road, and every truck we passed we got this crazy dirty look and hard-core staredown. It was weird...

Hey, you can buy about 500 acres in Wyoming for $200k. SWEET!!!
Thanks, naila... will go and have a look, awesome.

B... LOL about you and Margo, and yeah, but then you own land in Wyoming.
I'm impressed with all of you. having been a trucker for 23+ years (2.3 million miles of tictetless accident free driving) it's nice to see you have noticed the flashing of lights to siginal a trucker he's clear to come back over.

To do this correctly do the following.

1.)Make sure the truck is at least 5 seconds ahead of you or two full truck lengths.

2.) Turn your head lights off then back on DO NOT FLASH YOUR BRIGHTS!!! as this will blind the poor driver (Same effect as a camera flash) and it's not good to have a blind driver attempting to control 80,000 lbs.not to mention it will piss him off.

3.) please keep in mind that you want to stay at least 2 truck lengths back behind a trailer for the driver to see you. If you can't see the driver's face in his mirror the driver can't see you.

4.) never pass a semi truck on the right or travel for any period of time on the right side of a truck. If he has to make an emergency move to the right lane he most likely won't be able to see you.
The same thing holds true for the left side of the truck as far as when you pass don't lolly gag and may I reccommend the safest way to pass a truck is make sure you can completely clear the front of the truck before you begin your passing move. Yuo don't want to be stuck next to that truck with nowhere to go.
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