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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
False alarm.

I got up at 0500 to get to MIT at 0600, and according to Mapquest (which I've been using a lot here), it's a 30 minute drive, but that didn't allow for the fact that I asked it for the wrong version of the right street.

As a result, I drove around Boston -- pretty much all of Boston -- for two hours, never found the rink and the only reason I made it home was because I'd thought to bring the Thomas' Guide with me.

Paul (who organizes the games) says "Persistence!" cheerfully to me in email. He's sent me better maps, more specific addresses. I'm caught between gratitude and wanting to smack him sharply next time I see him.

But, Thursday. I will wake up earlier, try better maps.

And yes, Chris, you can laugh.


We're in the middle of a huge storm here. Massive winds, some flooding in the south. It's a pain not to be able to take the kids out of the house (we're all completely stir crazy), but on the other hand, actual weather is kind of nice.

The wind howls through the trees and past the house. Rain comes down sideways.

You like real weather?

Wait for winter.


I'm not laughing!

Myck!! How the heck are you? Long time. Email!

B- ptthththththththhtttttt

Chris - see what I said to Brian, above. Both you guys. Pouting at *both* of you.
Welllllllll, get to the rink and show me something!!!!! You may have to video it though.
Now it's just sounding kinky.

... I like that, though.

Heh! Welcome to Boston. Enjoy the driving.

Glad you found your hockey in the end.

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