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Tuesday, October 04, 2005
There's just too damn much going on. Packing. Playing as much hockey as I can before I go. I played with the Hounds again Monday; quintessential game, 2-1 against the A-Team 2, got to solidly cross check Pinsky when he decided kicking my goalie in the head was OK. Almost boarded him later, but it was him or the puck and... to Brian's disappointment on recounting it later... I actually played the puck.

Saw the Sharks vs. Coyotes preseason last week; score was... 2-1. Marleau and Marco on an assist from Marleau. Thanks, guys. Love you too, and will miss you. A lot.

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More later.

Any big strong people who want to help move things into the crates over the next few days, come on down. Will feed and otherwise entice as required.


Love the cartoon. And if I was some kind of turbo-charged swimmer, I'd come and help.
otherwise entice?????
I know, Chris... but you'd be too tired out after the swim anyway. :p

Max... er. Within the limitations of the various domestic arrangements of the parties concerned, I mean. *cough*
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