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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

0500 for hockey is too fucking early, although I'm not complaining, exactly, just remarking.

The level's insane. I played for shit today... worse than last time. My new helmet's just too damn big, and sat over my eyebrows, making my play even worse. I'm used to this. If I weren't exhausted it would be all right. No one's grudging my being there. It's just tiring being the suckiest one.

And I miss having friends there who can say "yeah you sucked but x is getting better" or "yeah, but at least you showed up and tried hard" or whatever. I know it takes time. Just feeling isolated.

And like I really, really suck.

I was going to say 'you can come and really, really suck against me'... then I realised how it sounded.
You will get better a lot quicker with the higher play
Chris -- no problem with how it sounded. At all. :p

B -- well, I sure can't get any effing WORSE.

Remember that thing where I throw the puck away at the first opportunity and can't carry it farther than six inches? It's back. *grumble*

Nice penalties, by the way. :D
I remember it well. Don't worry about them taking it away from you. Fight them off.
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