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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Linking Ivan's journal. I like a lot of what he has to say, and how he says it.


Brian, it's official. I miss you.

At least right now, this group, hockey is really different. The only way to describe hockey out there is how I've heard it described here: cowboy. Here? Definitely not cowboy. There's not a lot of laughter on the ice, not a lot of yapping, friendly or otherwise. People are quiet, and serious. I miss the liveliness, the sometimes arrogant, showy, talky feel of California hockey.

Or maybe it's just that it's five in the morning and no one can work up much more than game.

I had a great time this morning, though. I mean, despite that. I modified my helmet (pictures and description of the Creation of Frankenhelmet to follow in a later post for all your amusement), and now it fits perfectly. It doesn't fall over my eyes and it doesn't squeeze my brain, so I can both see and concentrate.

I was tired, not much sleep because we got to bed late and then Lili woke up once every hour on the hour. Though it bears mentioning that however much sleep I don't get, you can half that and it's what Bec's getting. Sometimes even less. I'm not sure how she functions, honestly.

But for all that, I reminded myself before I even got out there that it's my ice.

I mean, that's where I got in the memoir, you know? That in the end, every sheet of ice is mine. It holds equal promise for me to go all out, have fun, do some great stuff, fail spectacularly. I'm not supplicant, not as far as the ice is concerned. Mine to use, mine to enjoy. Mine.

So I flew around with the stort of stupid Corky grin on my face, kept my head up this time and as Brian advised, worked on fighting through.

I saw more results, oddly enough, doing that when I was on D than O. Stopped a lot more pucks, interrupted a lot more plays. I guess it works on both sides, though.

Virginnie, the girl who skates circles around me and is many of the things I want to be in hockey -- for a start, fucking unbelievably good -- keeps an eye on me, grins at me, and came and sat next to me when we were getting undressed today. It's the first time I've had a woman take that role, and honestly? It's fucking great.

It turns out she's only played hockey four years herself. Which, as I said, intimidates the fuck out of me. Her response was a shrug, and to say as though it explained everything: "I'm Dutch. Then I moved to Minnesota." She also added that she's always been able to skate, and skate well.

Yeah. It shows.

We were talking about other hockey options, and I was saying while I find the MIT skates insane and intimidating, I'm enjoying them, and in the end it's what I'm used to.

She was quiet a moment. Then she shrugged. "It's better to play with men," she said, and tossed her skate in her bag.

Just like that.



The other thing I want to post about is the Great Gavin Bus Adventure and How We Got Him to Ride the Bus through Bribery and Other Low and Embarassing Means.

But later. I need to eat, and also shower.

Thanks to everyone who responded to that last post the way you all did.

I had this sort of 'it wasn't as bad as I'm making it seem' feel when I posted it. Call it apologist, or worse.

You all slapped me right back with the affirming truth.

Kate, I miss you, too. You have to believe something will click soon though.

Perhaps it is the 5am you have another time that you have played as comparison.

As for the o/d thing...just imagine yourself as a "defensive driver"...keep your head up, look for your team on the ice, drive to the fucking net, and crash right into it. RIGHT INTO IT KATE!!! ok, maybe not right into it...

After almost 5 years of living amongst the Dutch, your huh comment is only too familiar. Welcome to the world of out of nowhere, slightly to painfully awkward comments delivered without any hint of irony, sarcasm or humor. The blunt/rude ones will surely follow.

Shrug 'em off and check her when you get a chance.
Hi Kate!

I'm glad you linked me :)

I like your journal, by the way. I look foward to reading more of your stuff!

You just know my brain went off on a tangent of 'oh, hey, cowboys playing hockey... ahaha.'

I know, I know. There's no hope. ;P

I haven't known many Dutchmen or women, so I can't really comment on that, though in my experience the Dutch and Austrians are pretty dry/formal... Eh.

I think I've evened out the sleep thing by getting up five hours after I went to bed today. :P Productive morning, house cleaned and dogs thoroughly walked, sister-in-law asked to bring dinner because sod it. I'm not cooking. Two days off is better than one, right?

...and I'll probably tell you all this in a couple of hours anyway.
*follows christian's comment regarding cowboys playing hockey through to its logical conclusion-- ice rodeo!*


no, wait. no.

fitting horses with skates would be a nightmare.

scratch that.

anyway, like i said. i'd have bitten the guy.

but then, that's how i solve most of my problems.

ice rodeo...hmmm...
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