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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Today I walked a couple of miles of the Croton Aqueduct with Lili. Or rather Lili rode in the baby backpack and I walked.

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It's only a few hours' drive from West Roxbury to Hastings-on-Hudson, where Becca's mom lives. The small towns along the Hudson here feel like they're virtually unchanged from the eighteenth century; some of the buildings are just that old, some built to imitate their neighbors. Just across the street from the house here a bunch of locals duked it out with maurading Hessians during the Revolutionary War: The Battle of Edgar's Lane, fought from the road back to the ravine, the commemorative plaque says.

The battle site is now a small park, baseball diamond and community gardens. Behind it runs the Aqueduct, barely recognizable for what it is; today even the small footpath was covered in fallen leaves and I almost missed it.

But the gap between rows of houses is continuous, and here and there, the dirt path is uncovered, wet with winter rains.

Lili and I walked along, maples bent over us and the occasional leaf drifting down.

I haven't been out in the woods much since Lili was born, and this was unexpected and welcomed quiet, moments where I couldn't hear anything but the sound of the wind in leaves.

Lili's content in the backpack, sometimes offering the occasional chuckle or comment, but for the better part of two hours, seemed all right with the trees and quiet and cold bitter enough that I kept my hands in my pockets despite the exercise.


According to the Captain Underpants books, my Professor Poopypants officially changed name is:

Flunky Toiletfanny.


And while I'm on the topic of perfection, thank you again, Chris.
Be thankful you weren't the one I was channeling all the agitation over Getting It Right at. ~lol~

~hugs and kisses~

Love you. Happy birthday. ;)
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