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Friday, December 30, 2005
So, yeah. Haven't gotten it up to post anything of use in a while, but I'll get there. Neil or Chris or one of you all gave me your damn cold, thanks but no thanks you can have it back now.

Anyway, I've been remiss in not plugging Old Mack's site.

I'm particularly fond of "Koerner’s Korner In Kankakee," and and not just because it's alliterative.

Read, and keep reading. This is real, raw, good stuff. Mack's had an unbelievably interesting life and writes in an honest, clean and often really funny way about it.

And yeah, I know I owe you about ten emails, sorry about that, OM.

thanks for the plug, Kate. I'm still working on that No.1 Work street piece, which is currently as rough as the pictures of the Sea Space and Survivor. Chris is mending, went to exercise class Friday, did everything but pushups, and then came home feeling as if run over by a Mack truck. Fireworks have kept me bunkered in, but feeling good except for flashbacks. Happy New Year OM
OldMack appreciates the plug, Kate. In return, he's put a link button to na foine ting on his home page. He hopes you are over the Cold. He recommends Vick's vaporub on the chest, a shot of Wild Turkey in hot tea, hop into bed,pile on the quilts and comforters, then resist the temptation to move to cool spots on the sheets; Sweat it out, in other words. OM

Interesting illustrations for "Twenty Views" tale. OM
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