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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
So OM and Dan tapped me, and I realized I'd sort of up and left without notice.

Here's what happened: a couple of friends (mostly Chris) set up a journal at LiveJournal. I already had friends there. In fact, I had more friends than I thought. No sooner had I set up a journal for myself then I was suddenly awash in all my buddies from the OWW, some of them people I'd been reasonably close to and completely fallen out of contact with.

So I started posting over there, and didn't post anything here because it would mean the end of an era and I hate letting go.

This blog is a lot of things. It may be that if I can figure out how to do it, I'll get the posts from there to show up here.

Meanwhile, I apologize for not letting you all know. All... uh, three of you. :p

Dan, thank you. Seriously. You did it again. Email forthcoming.

And here's the new spot:

See you there, hopefully.

should I just no link to the newer one?
oops...I meant "now link" not "no link"
So that's where you'd disappeared to...

Oh Kate, this makes me happy!!!!!

I hope you don't mind me invading your world.

(nickitty @ LJ)
You might want to kill, if you remember the password...
And, to file under "And now for something completely different," I'm playing over at, too, which is why I have a blogger account now.
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